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Kimarie Martin Real Estate Consultant

Kimarie grew up in a beloved rural town in Indiana, but for the past 27 years, she's called the greater Columbus area her cherished home, with the last 24 years nestled in the quaint city of Bexley.

A proud alumna of Purdue University, Kimarie holds a distinguished Bachelor of Science degree in Apparel Design and Technology, complemented by a minor in Art. Her formative years saw her as a trailblazing Denim Fashion Designer for a decade before she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing her own thriving photography venture - a passion she continues to nurture to this day.

Kimarie's affinity for The Raines Group stemmed from their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer care and an illustrious reputation. Her forte lies in a meticulous eye for detail, organizational prowess, an innate creativity, and an extensive knowledge of design and color theory. These attributes, combined with a knack for creative problem-solving, seamlessly translate into her role in the real estate domain.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kimarie has a strong passion for design, home transformations, and the art of staging. Her expertise lies in illuminating the potential and possibilities within every abode. With Kimarie, clients receive nothing short of extraordinary service, underpinned by an unbridled passion for unearthing their dream homes.

At her Bexley abode, Kimarie shares her life with her devoted husband Rich and their three cherished children. Her downtime is marked by pursuits such as capturing moments through the camera lens, orchestrating home remodels, nurturing her garden, painting with flair, and exploring the world of antiques. Her wanderlust finds satisfaction in traveling, while cherished moments with family hold a special place in her heart. She is a fervent supporter at her high school children's athletic events and a steadfast cheerleader for her eldest daughter's flourishing fashion career in the bustling streets of NYC.

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