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2019 Charity Winners

View our 5 charity winners from our 200th home sale giveaway program!

1st Place:
The Lettuce Work Foundation

Lettuce Work is a 501c3 non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping young adults with autism make a successful transition from high school into the workplace. We accomplish our mission by immersing our associates with autism into an actual on-site workplace where we produce our Lettuce Work Spring Salad Mix and operate our on-site retail nursery. We focus on building their ability to work independently, improve their workplace communication and social skills, and gain an understanding of appropriate workplace behavior.

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2nd Place:

Form5 Prosthetics Inc. provides eco-friendly prosthetics for the poor, distressed or underprivileged with congenital and other limb differences by using 3D printing and closed-loop recycling to innovate, create, and reform the future.

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3rd Place:
Make Kindness Contagious

Make Kindness Contagious (MKC) was founded by three working moms who are committed to building a platform for kindness and empowerment. Lauren Foley (age 8, Daughter of founder, Kris Foley) is affected by Alopecia Universalis and has no hair. However, Lauren does not allow that to define her. She has learned not only to celebrate her uniqueness, but to use it to encourage others to be kind. In Lauren's own words, "I don't care if people stare, I just wish they would smile when they do". From this inspiration, MKC was developed and has quickly grown into an amazing group of volunteers dedicated to community, charity, and kindness who have sponsored several events by partnering with other community organizations to involve kids in making kindness contagious. The world needs more kindness. Frequency is the key. In an age where bullying is peaking and confidence is dipping, MKC is determined to take action.

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4th Place:
The Crawford Crew

The Crawford Crew (TCC) was founded in 2009 by Diane Crawford shortly after a routine exam resulted in a cervical cancer diagnosis. As a grassroots, all volunteer driven organization, TCC is dedicated to eradicating cervical cancer in Ohio. By increasing awareness of the disease and educating about prevention we continue to positively impact the number of families effected by it.

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5th Place:
The AngelWorks Foundation

The AngelWorks Foundation is a public non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children by connecting with and assisting families in times of need. Our definition of “times of need” includes the loss of a family member (child or parent), a life-threatening illness or injury that has created an abundance of medical bills, an illness that requires special needs, or another life-changing event that has occurred, causing a serious financial burden.

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