The Village of Johnstown

Price Range: $100,000 - $2,000,000
Sq Ft Range: 700 - 20,000 sq ft

Sit on a park bench in July next to the old Opera House in the center of Johnstown’s square and you will know what your grandparents meant when they talk about the good old days. Johnstown doesn’t just provide a small town feel, it is a small town… with big city connections.

With Johnstown’s traditional Midwestern main street, local grocery, new library, 10 lane bowling alley and pizza shop, traditional hardware store, growing business park and a handful of traffic lights you may never need to leave to get where you want to go.

However, if you do need to go there are a number of ways to get there. Located in northwestern Licking County, at the crossroads of State Route 37 and US 62, Johnstown is an easy fifteen minutes from New Albany and Granville, and a convenient half hour drive to downtown Newark, Delaware, or Columbus. Of course, if your destination is a little farther away you will have a short drive to interstate 71, 70 and the Columbus International Airport.

Of course, driving isn’t the only way to get out of town. The T.J. Evans Recreational Trail allows anyone from the amateur to adventurer to walk, run, bike, or blade over thirty six miles of mostly paved trails. Sightseers and trekkers alike have the opportunity to visit six Licking County towns stretching from Johnstown’s old railroad depot to Alexandria, through Granville, to Newark and out to Hanover or Heath. Explorers will see it all along the trail – miles of woodlands, rolling meadows, lively ponds, babbling brooks, and animals as diverse as owls and oxen. Less adventurous travelers will see rustic farm houses, barns and historic downtowns with fine fare, shops and boutiques.

Throughout the year, Johnstown offers many exciting opportunities to be a part of the community. For example, on Halloween, downtown businesses stay open late passing out candies to little werewolves, fairy princesses and football players. The firehouse is converted to a House of Horrors to raise fun for the kids and funds for the volunteer fire company. On Labor Day driveways, parking lots and the town square overrun with bargain hunters for the flea market and garage sale event known as Swappers Days.

With Johnstown’s small size the Johnstown-Monroe schools play an essential role in the success of the community. Click here to view the latest Public School District Report Card for Johnstown. Click here to view Private Schools close to this community.

Taken as a whole, Johnstown provides its residents with a unique opportunity to live, work and play in a small town. An opportunity that becomes obvious sitting on a park bench in the town’s square.

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Photos courtesy of the Village of Johnstown.